Whether you are painting the exterior of your home or planning a full-scale renovation, give S & J Scaffolding a call. Based in Benfleet, Essex, our team cover all aspects of domestic and residential scaffolding, ensuring that your project is completed safely. We set aside the time to gain a full understanding of your requirements before meticulously building the structure. Customers who are interested in hiring our services should give us a call and we will attend their property to evaluate the job and provide a free quote. Available alongside our commercial work, our residential scaffolding services include:

  • Expertise in Planning Your Scaffolding Requirements
  • Skilled and Highly Motivated Scaffolders
  • Plans, Illustrations, and Calculations of Scaffolding Required

Scaffolding for Any Project

Using a wealth of experience, our scaffolders are able to construct residential scaffolding that is ideal for almost any project. We build structures suitable for work involving:

  • Chimneys
  • Roof Repairs, Guttering, Fascias, and Soffits
  • Solar Panels
  • Accessing Velux Windows
  • Extensions, Painting, and Decorating
  • Edge Protection
  • Temporary Roofs
  • Plastering and Rendering
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Enabling Safe Chimney Repairs

When your chimney becomes damaged, it poses a significant hazard to your property and passers-by. However, working at such a height can be dangerous. Our experienced team provide durable scaffolding that allows you to safely complete beam work and repairs on chimneys.

Safely Fit a Temporary Roof

To cater for people who need to fit a temporary roof, we are able to build our scaffolding a lot higher than the average structure. This allows tradesmen to work through rain and bad weather to complete the task safely and on time.

All of our temporary roofs are fitted with a full alarm system so that your property is always protected.

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